About Us

About Us Valley provides equality of opportunity as its most defining quality. We welcome everyone and provide the same service no matter what disadvantage or disability you may have. Currently supported by The Steve Morgan Foundation, our practise is completely inclusive, bespoke and extremely effective. Our work has been championed by Liverpool City Council and NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group for examples of best practice and award winning programmes, sharing our learning with peers giving seminars at conferences, having our programmes rolled-out city wide, having our education and awareness films on Human Trafficking and SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy) screened internationally in Doctors surgeries and by MEP’s to create a wider impact and used as training videos. In addition, some of our work involves public consultation: the NHS commissioned us several times in order to publically engage the most hard to reach and disadvantaged members of our community to gather their opinions on potential future NHS services in Liverpool, which we delivered using an innovate, inclusive approach via the arts, including a pop-up cinema in our local park, forum theatre and immersive, interactive promenade theatre. These commissions enabled us to seldom heard groups who would traditionally would have never been able to offer their opinions on matters so important to them and their future health.

Valley is recognised as an invaluable contributor towards the regeneration of the community and the city as a whole. For the past 24 years Valley has tackled social inclusion by offering equality of opportunity regardless of socio-economic status, disability, background, ethnicity or ability.


Currently we are funded by Children In Need, Liverpool City Council, PRS, National Lottery Players Heritage Lottery Fund and Awards for All fund.

Providing a vital community engagement hub to ensure equality of opportunity.

Our main aims focus on providing a local service for disability and social inclusion, using the arts to make a difference to the lives of children, adults and families most in need. We aim to have a positive impact on peoples’ quality of life; improve physical health, mental health and well being, decrease social isolation, provide opportunities to learn new skills and volunteer.
We offer high quality, arts and personal development activities at no cost to the participant.
Throughout this year we have provided arts sessions and events for disadvantaged adults, children and families. Our community have benefitted from arts activities including:
performing drama and music gigs in our theatre, music rehearsal, composition and recording in our recording studios and stone vocal booth, a choir, dance in our studios, art / props / scenery making, creative writing and film and tech.

Hire us

Valley is a modern, well facilitated working theatre which provides the perfect receiving and rehearsal venue for local and national touring companies. This provides the local community access to high quality theatre productions on their doorstep. It also provides students an ideal placement for theatre studies. Complete with Auditorium, Professional Recording Studio, Film Editing Stations, Office Space & Dance Studio we offer space for creatives, productions, rehearsals, gigs, audio recording, film shoots, film editing, conferences and dance. Please see our ‘Hire’ section.

Life enriching and non competitive, this is without a doubt, a great place to create! Innovative to the core, our young people serve as a constant reminder of the purpose of this organisation and how vital a resource this is for the community, beneficiaries and staff.

Martin Ball, Director