About Us

LCC Logo Valley currently provides inclusive arts activities designed for young people 8 to 19 years. In addition, we seek to offer arts activities across all age and skill ranges, with a particular interest in developing intergenerational activities.

Valley is recognised as an invaluable contributor towards the regeneration of the community and the city as a whole. For the past 18 years Valley has tackled social inclusion by offering equality of opportunity regardless of socio-economic status, background, ethnicity or ability.

Children & Young People.

Specialising in children & young people, we offer high quality, accredited, arts related activities at no cost to the participant. Currently we offer Drama, Music & Art on Tuesdays and Thursdays thanks to Children In Need, Riverside Housing & Peel 500 with the identification, recruitment and tracking of those most ‘at risk’ being funded by the Home Office and delivered by our dedicated Valley Outreach Team.

Alternative Education For Schools

We offer multiple art-forms for young people ‘at risk’, ‘facing barriers’ or ‘hard to reach’ via our accredited, award winning ‘Arts to Inclusion’ programme to schools throughout Liverpool as an alternative education provision at very competitive rates.

Receiving Venue For National & Local Touring Companies

Valley is a modern, well facilitated working theatre which provides the perfect receiving and rehearsal venue for local and national touring companies. This provides the local community access to high quality theatre productions on their doorstep. It also provides students an ideal placement for theatre studies.

Hire & Income Generation

Complete with Auditorium, Professional Recording Studio, Film Editing Stations, Office Space & Dance Studio we offer space for creatives, productions, rehearsals, gigs, audio recording, film shoots, film editing, conferences and dance. Please see our ‘Hire’ section.

Life enriching and non competitive, this is without a doubt, a great place to create! Innovative to the core, our young people serve as a constant reminder of the purpose of this organisation and how vital a resource this is for the community, beneficiaries and staff.

Martin Ball, Director