The Ugly Spirit

First Showing: 19 May 2012

The Ugly Spirit What's it like to be always together, always to be one of a pair, always to share the praise and the blame and never ever to have a birthday cake that’s just for you? Fittings’ new show takes a brand new play by Russell Barr, mixes in the extraordinary improvisational talents of David Hoyle with the vocal skills of acclaimed soprano Denise Leigh, sets it all in the undiscovered places that lurk behind the scenes and invites a select audience to take a peek into the backstage world of the famous Siamese Sisters Jessie and Bessie.

The famous Bellamy twins, have been touring together for what seems like centuries. “Of course”, as Jessie says to Bessie, “On the road, darling, you’re never alone”. But Miss Glenda and her new act The Special Detachment, seems to be taking togetherness a bit too far.
Let Glenda lead you just a little bit astray.

Gather now and come along,
Come along with Glenda,
Have a little chat
And a nice cup of tea.

Gather now and come along
Come along with Glenda
Have a little heart to heart.
And who knows what you’ll see

Take a peek behind the curtain, have a look through the mirror, let Glenda guide you and who knows what you’ll see. Let her lead you to the quiet places, lead you to the side rooms, the rooms that smell of sweat and stardust, where masks are carefully adjusted, the castrati gently clear their throats and performing dogs weep bitter tears….

Let her lead you to an audience with the Twins.

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Additional Details

NB For a limited period only holders of the Golden Ticket will be granted a private audience with the twins. See theatre for details.

Written by Russell Barr, featuring David Hoyle and Directed by Garry Robson “The Ugly Spirit” is an Unlimited Commission for the Cultural Olympiad.
Director Garry Robson
Writer Russell Barr
Associate Artist Tanya Raabe
Performing Artist David Hoyle
Designer Lisa Ducie
Composer Leigh Stirling
Lighting Design Ian Scott
Punchdrunk Consultant Peter Higgin

Adult: 18 years and over

Concession includes:

  • Children ages 3 to 17 (0-2yrs are free where applicable).
  • Students,Unemployed, Pensioners (Nb: you may be asked for proof at the box office).
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